2012 Fillies by Hancock's Select Cr

       Hancocks Select CR

                                                      2008 Bay Roan Stallion

2013 Filly by Hancock's Select CR

This is really nice young stallion. He is out of the last live foal crop of Leo Hancock Hayes and a Limited Hancock mare. He is really dark bay roan  standing almost 15  hands with excellent bone structure and disposition second to none.  We believe that Leo Hancock Hayes was one of, if not the best son of Blue Valentine.  This horse has many half brothers standing  at stud which proves that these horses are sought after and are in high demand.

I have spent countless hours on this horse and he has proven to be an excellent ranch horse. I have used him for moving cows on the high plains  of  northern Colorado. This horse is very good with his feet, picking his way through the prairie dog holes and cactus never missing a step. I have drug hundreds of calves to the fire, he is very calm in the branding pen, he is very slow and easy allowing you to complete the job  in a safe and efficient manner.  I have also gathered wild cows in deep rocky canyons.  This horse will prowl his way through the rocks and timber looking for cattle. He also has no trouble running one down or holding one. He has a lot of grit if you need it.  I have forged the Colorado river on this horse, roped a wild cow and drug it back across the river with no problem.

We believe this horse has a huge future in front of him, we are honored to raise colts out of him.

Hancok Select CR "Macho" was sold in 2019.  

Leo  Hancok Hayes (sire)

Limited Hancock (materal Grandsire)

Hancocks Select CR